Saruwatari Ayumi (junglemonkee) wrote,
Saruwatari Ayumi


We woke up on the floor. And we hadn’t even gotten drunk. My back was all stiff, which isn’t exactly how you want to start a day of moving stuff. We got in the truck and went back to the old house. We thought we were really something, getting there at 8:30, but the movers were already there.

They packed like packing fools (except that they really weren’t fools at all) while we did our best to help, but watching these three guys I felt totally inadequate. I ended up out talking to the neighbors a lot, and passing out flyers for the housewarming. The neighbors are all coming. Hoo-hah!

At a little before noon, the movers had packed up an entire semi-load and were ready to make the first trip. They piled the stuff up into the basement, and I was honestly afraid that the basement wouldn’t be able to hold it all. Not a problem. The second load was the actual furniture and the truck was only about half full.

Once the movers had left, we began unpacking and talked about how wrung out we felt. Unpacking is a very precise dance that has to be done in the right order. Where is the glass for the hutch so that we can unpack this box of dishes? Where is the box with the shelves? Where is the box with the fingernail clippers? The socks?

We’ve been piling up the trash to take to the dumpster that we rented. We had been telling the neighbors about the dumpster. It’s 20 cubic yards, which is roughly the size of 2 work cubicles. Slightly more than we have to get rid of, but our neighbors have been johnny-on-the-spot helping us out. They’ve cleaned out their garages, their side yards, their attics and are divesting themselves of the detritus of years of suburban living. We’re paying a flat rate to have this thing brought in and hauled out, so what do we care? I’d rather see it used.

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