Saruwatari Ayumi (junglemonkee) wrote,
Saruwatari Ayumi


We slept in. It felt so very, very good. Laying in our own bed, looking out at our porch, our trees, our creek, our dirt, our mockingbirds (unlike the rental mockingbirds at the old place).

We hadn’t been spending much time together because it’s so much more expedient to have one person doing one set of things and the other person doing something else. So, we had decided that we were going to spend all of Sunday together working on the old house.

We also decided to take a slightly different route into town. Just exploring our options, checking to see which one is best. The slightly different option turned into a tiny, twisting, cliff-hugging one-lane road that had even pirateguillermo fighting to keep the bile down. That is...up until he spotted the llamas. We both let out resounding shrieks of “Llamas! AAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!” There’s just something inherently hilarious about llamas. When I called up the baby later that day and told her about the llamas, her reaction was exactly the same shriek. Heh.

We got there and the neighbors were all outside talking around the dumpster. They had been doing not only dumping and cleaning, but a little dumpster diving as well. We had some really giant stuff to throw into the dumpster. We were hauling some stuff from the back yard, and the neighbors all came running outside yelling at us that we couldn’t move stuff that heavy on our own. They all came running over and helped us lift the really heavy stuff and heave it in. I was immensely touched. That was just so sweet. One of our neighbors, who has offered us so much over the course of our five years here, came running out of his house with his hammer. He jumped into the dumpster like a giant dumpster monkey and started banging on things with the hammer, breaking things up to make sure they would all fit. His daughter begged to join him, but he told her “No, no, it’s too dangerous,” while stuff flew to bits in his face and he sweated and grinned.

We came back to our beautiful new home and got right into unpacking and finding homes for all our stuff. I noticed that the trash is beginning to smell. We have a trash compactor, so you can fit a whole shitload of trash into one bag, and we have. And it ain’t pretty. I also noticed that we have some of the most beautiful scenery on earth right outside our deck – and we haven’t been out there since the first Thursday night we spent. We just haven’t had time.

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