Saruwatari Ayumi (junglemonkee) wrote,
Saruwatari Ayumi

The Weekly List

Last Week's Score: 19/26 = 73% = C

Nope, not a single bonus item actually accomplished. Pathetic. And as of this moment, I'm so unmotivated that I may as well be a college student.

One Time List
  1. Inventory bike fitness

  2. Purchase additional reflectors as necessary

  3. Move other cats

  4. Get Peaches' birth certificate and immunization records

  5. Clean grills

  6. Put away everything currently upstairs

  7. Find propane distributor

  8. Register Peaches for school

  9. Put up bunk beds

  10. Shop for party

  11. Take certificate to K's house

  12. Submit gorilla story to Tricycle Press

  13. Prepare list for agent packets

  14. Get freakin' dryer thing finished for cryin' out loud!

  15. Set up litter boxes

  16. drop keys & garage door opener for old house with "That KP person"

  17. Figure out DSL thing

  18. Call school district for Peaches' records

  19. Go through household papers and figure out action items

  20. Change address at Tech CU

  21. Change address at SCCCU

  22. Update DMV info for all vehicles

  23. Change our addresses with JG (insurance)

  24. Get our home internet access working

  25. Find and hook up fax machine

  26. Set up desk

  27. Hook up computers (tower & dock)

  28. Hook up printer

  29. Update resume

Ongoing Maintenance (these are extra bonus items)
  1. Sand & paint wood around deck & deck supports

  2. Spray mold on porch

  3. Spray mold under house

  4. Clean hot tub cover

  5. Sweep leaves from porch - Done once

  6. Clean leaves from around generator

  7. Pull poison oak

  8. Put big rocks in sink holes

  9. Clean trash from grounds

  10. Configure cold room

  11. Configure office

  12. Acquire clean fill dirt

  13. Level area outside back slab

So, the party is this Sunday. If you want to come and I haven't sent you a formal invitation, let me know and I'll get you directions, etc. You're certainly welcome.

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