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I just found out this morning that we have a major problem. We knew about the one three-legged black and white cat. That's not a big deal. We also found two young gray cats that I nicknamed the Olsen twins because they're unbelievably skinny. Now it seems that there is at least one more adolescent gray cat, and that these three adolescent gray cats are breeding a whole bunch more. There's a litter of at least six (that we've counted) very brand-new kittens (they're small enough to fit in the palm of my hand, but they're awake, eyes open and walking, so they're no more than a month old).

Now, these kittens don't have anywhere to be (apparently) but under our deck. We had a party and they've invaded big-time, with their adolescent parents diving into the trash cans for chicken bones and scraps of burger bun. I'm worried about them carrying pests, getting sick, and worse - producing more kittens.

There's a place in Santa Cruz that will do low-cost altering of feral cats, but they have to be trapped first and apparently we'd have to do the trapping - but we'd be on the hook for $25/cat. That's currently $225 (six babies and three adolescents) spent on cats I don't want or like. Not to mention that we just bought a house - we don't have two pennies to rub together right now, let alone that much money to fix cats that aren't ours.

Here's the ethical dilemma - I could just call the humane society, have them all picked up, and be pretty damn confident that they will be picked up, placed up for adoption (possibly) for a few days, and then put to sleep. This is no skin off my nose whatsoever. On the other hand, just because I don't like cats doesn't mean I think they have to die. That's not right either.

I'm at a loss, here, people. I need Wilford Brimley BAD. I need to know the right thing to do AND a way to do it.


Sep. 7th, 2004 05:31 pm (UTC)
Two options. (1) Call the local SPCA, let them pick up the cats, and know that they are young and cute and will probably find homes. If they don't, well, isn't that still better than letting them starve in teh woods?

If that doesn't sit well, there is option (2). Trap them, and take them to a no-kill shelter. I believe Peninsula is a no-kill center. As is SF, maybe.