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Okay, I'm Running

One month ago today, I announced my intention to start running. I've now been running about 3x per week for a little more than five weeks. In that time, my average speed has gone from 4.6 to 5.2 MPH. So, I'm just shy of halfway to my goal of 6.0 MPH.

The good things: my back is still in great shape. I'm sleeping better (i.e., at all). I have more energy.

The bad: I have not only not lost any weight, I've gained a few pounds, even though my legs are considerably more cut. My face is breaking out from all the additional sweating. My skin is dry from 2+ showers a day.

All told, the goods outweigh the bads by a considerable amount. I'm giving myself 8 more weeks to reach my speed goal of 6 MPH, although knowing me, it won't take that long. And after that, I start upping my distance.

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