Saruwatari Ayumi (junglemonkee) wrote,
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I don't like products that come in odd-numbered amounts that are not multiples of 5.

I'm eating a packet of cream crackers, and they come three to a packet. Two would be plenty. Three is too many. And it's not like I could share the packet with a friend and come out with an even amount, as I would be able to with four. As it is, I'd have to find two more friends and open up an entire other packet, and I just don't know that many people who like cream crackers.

Gum used to come in packs of 17 sticks. Seventeen. I have no idea where that number came from. Not only is it an odd number, it's a prime number so that it cannot ever be evenly shared among a group of people without having the one or two lonely sticks floating around the bottom of pocket or purse. I end up chewing 2 sticks of gum 8 times, and then once only having half a wad of gum in my mouth that I chase around with my tongue until I get sick of it and spit the whole thing out.

Pop Tarts come two to a pouch, but there are three pouches to a box. Again, an awkward number, given that there are four people in our house. Even more awkward because I'd sooner encourage my children to eat paste than give them Pop Tarts.

Why no. I'm not bored at work. What would possibly make you think that?

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