Saruwatari Ayumi (junglemonkee) wrote,
Saruwatari Ayumi

What Would I Do Without My Weekly List?

  1. chores

  2. work out

  3. unpack a box

This Week
  1. pay bills

  2. grocery shop

  3. schedule check-in

  4. Put up lamps

  5. Unpack BG's clothes

  6. FIND fucking kitchen box

  7. Clean gutters

One Time List (Worth one extra bonus point each)
  1. Inventory bike fitness

  2. Purchase additional reflectors as necessary

  3. Submit gorilla story to Tricycle Press

  4. Prepare list for agent packets

  5. Get freakin' dryer thing finished for cryin' out loud!

  6. Change address at Tech CU

  7. Change address at SCCCU

  8. Update resume

  9. Configure cold room

  10. cats to vet

  11. new battery for truck

  12. look into truck refi

  13. oil change truck

  14. recycling to Ben Lomond

  15. Slingshots sorted

Ongoing Maintenance (Worth five extra bonus points each)
  1. Sand & paint wood around deck & deck supports

  2. Spray mold on porch

  3. Spray mold under house

  4. Clean hot tub cover

  5. Sweep leaves from porch

  6. Clean leaves from around generator

  7. Pull poison oak

  8. Put big rocks in sink holes (got a running start)

  9. Acquire clean fill dirt

  10. Level area outside back slab

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