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It's Raining Zen


Saruwatari Ayumi
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Wow. I've changed my profile again. Partly because people I don't know are friending me and I need for them to know that there are some rules. Some things that are true.

I don't friend people that I haven't actually met in person (with some rare exceptions). All the posts that deal with my actual life are friends-locked not because I don't want you to know anything about my life, but because I cannot fathom why anyone would possibly care about the quotidian realities of my existence. On the other hand, I like writing stuff, and I like sharing the stuff I write with people. If you like my writing, by all means comment a lot and I'll write more. I'm nothing if not encourageable (although that's not AT ALL how it was spelled on my elementary school reports).

I'm always happy to meet people in person, although I do my level best to never leave my house if I can at all help it. It's an introvert thing.